Awkward Hot People

A comedy web series: People are awkward. Some people are more awkward than others.

Bagel People

Bagel or boy? Bagel.... or boy? Things get steamy by the toaster oven...

Post Production Supervisor, Producer

RAccoon Guy

He has a very important question for you.

Post Production Supervisor, Sound, Producer

Love Sketches

In a world of cutesy little heart doodles and predictability, one woman dares to stand out.

A Sordid Affair

The things couples do to get on the same page.

Director, Producer

Editor, Producer

90's Girl

That awkward moment when you're stuck in the 90's. #spacejam4ever

Editor, Producer

Spider Girl

One girls attempt at making new friends....

Editor, PRoducer

AHP Crew


CreatorsClare Almand & Kym Allen

ProducerAlex Davis

Post Production Supervisor - Margo Flitcraft

Executive Producers - Clare Almand, Kym Allen, Alex Davis & Margo Flitcraft

Director of Photography - Christine Adams