Wonder Women Episode Trailers

Sound of My Drum - India

In India, the Dalit are the lowest caste in the social order, and girls are especially vulnerable to mistreatment, but a group of young women from the city of Dindigul are breaking tradition by becoming the first female performers in a prestigious drumming competition.

Women of the Sea - Japan

For centuries, the Ama free divers of Japan have plunged into icy waters to depths of 50 feet without air tanks to retrieve shellfish to feed their families. But today, a pair of women in their eighties are among the last practitioners of this endangered tradition.

Policia Feminina - Brazil

Tatiana, Paula, Joyce are three officers patrolling the dangerous back alleys of Rio De Janeiro, tasked with reducing violence between drug traffickers and the city's military police and wondering each day if they will be returning home to their families.

Bomberas - Mexico

Maria Elena, or "Malé" as she's known to her friends, is a mother, a day-care owner, and a 16-year veteran of the Bomberas, a female-led volunteer firefighting unit in the small Mexican town of San Francisco Del Rincon, where her underfunded team battles raging wildfires and toxic conditions.

Black Mambas - South Africa

Siphiwe leaves her home and children for weeks at a time for her job with the Black Mambas - an all-women unit patrolling a nature preserve in South Africa - where she and her squad track down the heavily armed poachers who illegally hunt endangered rhinos.

Women of the Ice - Colorado

In the mountain town of Ouray, Colorado, Dawn and Kitty are the co-owners and lead instructors at Chicks Climbing and Skiing, where they teach women of all ages the skills they need to overcome their fear and engage in one of the most dangerous sports on earth: ice climbing.